Q: How can I place an order?

          A: You should have received an order form from the school. You will proceed to order.legacystudios.com for all credit card

              payments and enter the school code provided on the order form. For all other payments (cash, check or money order) send

              the order form and payment with the student on picture day.

Q: The code printed on the order form doesn't seem to be working.

            A: The school code is disabled one days prior to picture day to allow for processing.

                 Q: How do I order if the school code is disabled?

                          A: Send the order form and payment (check, cash or money order) in with the student on picture day.

                                 *Check made out to Legacy Studios

Q: I forgot to send in the order form and payment with the student on picture day.

              A: The student will still have their picture taken (as all students will). When the pictures are distributed to the students your

                  child will receive an envelope with a postcard picture and an online gallery password for you to view and purchase

                  pictures online.

Q: My child did not receive an order form?

             A: The school will have extras for the student to pickup prior to picture day.

                 You can also call customer service and request the school code so you may prepay and order online.

Q: I forgot to send in the confirmation letter with my child.

            A: Call our customer service department at 1-800-348-4360.

Q: How do I order a class picture or Yearbook?

            A: Most schools will submit a separate form for ordering class pictures and/or Yearbooks.

Q: Will there be a retake day and when will it be?

           A: Yes there will be a retake day. You can find the retake date at the top of the order form. The dates should be

               provided/posted at  the school as well. You can also call our customer service department to obtain this date.

Q: What do I do on retake day?

           A:Send the original pictures in on retake day with the student. The photographer will reorder the same package for you.

Q: How do I order the Family Plan online?

           A: The Family Plan is not available online. You must send in an order form on picture day with each child.

             *The schools of all children must be photographed by Legacy Studios.

             *Each child must bring in their own order form.

             *Each envelope must have payment included, EXCEPT the free child will not have payment inside.

               THEY MUST HAVE AN ORDER FORM so we know what package to order for them.


My online Gallery Password doesn't seem to be working.

             *Your password is case sensitive and is composed of numbers and letters.

My images appear to be locked.

             *To secure your images the website will prompt you to enter your Online Gallery Password again by double clicking on the

               locked thumbnail to view your Gallery.

I can't find where to go to purchase my photos.

              *Make sure your "BUY" button (located in the top right corner) is visible. If not contact customercare@legacy studios.com

               to correct this issue.

I don't see a list of products offered.

              *Click on the "BUY" button. This will show you the products we offer. Click on each product to view the contents.

 I don't know my password.

             *You can find your password on the picture postcard that you were given in the envelope distributed on

               picture day.

             *You can email customercare@legacystudios.com with the student's full name and school they attend and our Customer Care

              department will look it up for you!

Once I place an order, how long will it take to receive my package? 

             *Orders can take 1-4 weeks to be delivered.