Below you will find helpful information regarding Yearbook Pose Changes, Trouble Shooting, How to place an order, Digital Downloads, Scheduling an appointment and much more.


Q: How do I change my yearbook pose selection?

               A: Email with the student's name, full school name,

                image #(sequence of letters and numbers underneath the photo you want to use for the yearbook), and phone number. 


My online Gallery Password doesn't seem to be working.

              *Your password only works after your images have been uploaded to the website. This usually takes 1 - 2 weeks after the

               the last day of the photo shoot.

             *Your password is case sensitive and is composed of numbers and letters.

My images appear to be locked.

             *To secure your images the website will prompt you to enter your Online Gallery Password again by double clicking on the

               locked thumbnail to view your Gallery.

I can't find where to go to purchase my photos.

              *Make sure your "BUY" button (located in the top right corner) is visible. If not contact customercare@legacy studios to correct

              this issue.

I don't see a list of products offered.

              *Click on the "BUY" button. This will show you the products we offer. Click on each product to view the contents.

 I don't know my password.

             *You can find your password on the proofs that you were given at your senior sitting.

             *You can email with the student's full name and school they attend and our Customer Care

              department will look it up for you!

Once I place an order, how long will it take to receive my package? 

             *Senior orders take 4-6 weeks, delivered via FedEx. 



Q: How do I place an online order?

             A: 1) Scroll through your images and note your favorites.

                 2) Click on the "BUY" button located in the top right corner to view all offered products.

               *If you do not have a "BUY" button please email to correct this issue.

                3) Choose the package of your choice and note how many poses it allows OR Build Your Own Package by choosing any sheet

                    and pose of your choice.

                         *Click on each package to view its contents. Read the listed notes to the right.

               4) If you choose packages 1 or 2 or any other product that requires only one pose (ex: sheet A), have that image enlarged on

                   the initial page, buy and add to cart.

              5) If you choose packages 3, 4, 5, or our "Best Value Package" it will prompt you to "continue". This is where you will click and

                  drag your images to configure your package.

                        *Click on the "ALL" tab to view all images. Please note the number of poses the package allows.

                        *If you saved any pictures as favorites you can also open those images by clicking on the "favorites" tab.

                 6) If your package comes with a digital download, click and drag any one image. When your order arrives at our office we will 

                     insure you receive all the images in your package.

                7) Save to Cart.

                8) View your Shopping Cart. 

                9) If you would like to add Professional Editing to an image (teeth whitening, extra blemish removal, fly away hairs etc.) or 

                  Personalization (only good on Wallet Size) Go back to the student's Gallery, Select the image you want extra editing to, Buy, 

                  Select Professional Editing and Add to Cart. 

                * Images online have already gone through a complimentary basic retouch. If you need extra editing it is $15 for each image.

                * Make sure to include specific instructions so we can provide exactly what you request.

                 10) Add any special instructions needed to products in your shopping cart by clicking on the word "none" 

                * Instructions are needed for : Professional Editing 


                                                               Graduation Announcements

                                                               Products that come with a Mat Frame. You must indicate either a black or white frame.

                               Save and Close.

                11) Checkout Now

                              a) Register and Checkout (to save your cart and favorites and view order history)    


                               b) Checkout as a Guest.

                 12) Proceed with shipping information and payment information and Submit.


Q: How are digital downloads sent to me?

                A: Digital Downloads are sent to the email you provide during the Checkout process. This come as a link that allows you to

                    easily download the images ordered to your computer.

Q: The link does not seem to work. 

                A: The link will expire after 30 days. Please contact with the order number you were proivded

                    when you placed the order. We will verify the purchase and resend the link.

Q: How do I download the images to my computer?

                A: Click on the link that was emailed to you. The link will take you to a site called Click on "More" and then


             The images will be downloaded right to your computer. (This may take several minutes)

             To find the images, click on the Windows Start Button  (located at the bottom right corner of your computer).

             From here, click on "Computer". Here you will find your "Downloads" Folder and the saved images.

             You can leave these here or save them to a folder of your choice.


Q: How do I find information about my senior sitting?

                A: An informational letter was mailed to your home or distributed in school. This letter is a wonderful resource, as it

                    contains the date and location of your school's photo shoot, the attire your school requires, how to book your appointment,

                    and your options for your sitting. If you did not receive this letter, or you have misplaced it, please email

           for a digital copy.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

                A: Please visit our Book Appointment page and search for your school. On your school's page, you will find a link that takes you

                    to our scheduling system. Select your Session Choice and note the session length. White dates and time slots indicate open

                   days and times. Find a time slot that will accommodate the length of your sitting. 

            *Please note that the schedule calendar is turned off the day prior to the start of the photo shoot. 

               If you haven't made an appointment by that time, you will still be able to have your session as a walk-in. When you arrive at

               the location of your shoot, check in with the assistant as a walk-in. Please expect a little bit of a wait.

Q: What do I need for my sitting?

                A: You need your sitting fee (if applicable), correct yearbook attire, and additional outfits of your choice, depending on the

                     sitting you choose.

Q: What should I wear to my sitting?

               A: In order to figure out what you should wear to your sitting, read over the informational letter mentioned above. This letter

                    will go over in detail what your school has selected as your yearbook photo requirements.

  • If your school requires a tux or drape for your photograph: Tuxes and drapes will always be provided by Legacy. Gentlemen should wear a white t-shirt and ladies should wear either a tube top or a spaghetti strap tank top. 
  • If your school requires a tie and jacket or blouse: You are responsible for supplying your own outfit, unless your informational letter states otherwise. Keep in mind that solids photograph best, and make sure that your items are ironed and ready to go for the day of your shoot. 
  • If your school has no requirements: You are responsible for supplying your own outfit. Still keep in mind that solids photograph best, and try to choose a more classic versus contemporary outfit. The more classic an outfit is, the better it will age in a photograph over time. Ladies, please no tube tops, as they will not be visible in headshot.
Q: What should I expect at the photo shoot?

             A: Your picture will be taken in a variety of poses and outfits (depending on sitting option). You will then choose the pose you

                 would like included in the yearbook. Before you leave, you will receive an order form and proof sheet that includes all photos

                 taken, your current yearbook pose, and a password to view your images online.

Q: Wr hen will my photos be online for me to view/purchase?

              A: It can take 1 - 2 weeks from the last day of the entire photo session to be uploaded to our website. 

          *Please note that your photos will go through a complimentary basic retouching process prior to being uploaded to the website.